Hello Tanya:
I continue to enjoy my pieces I have from you and
continue to get the compliments and I am always quick
to tell them where I got them from! People go crazy
over my "shooting star" necklace!! I'm never
surprised, of course, because I LOVE that necklace!

Best wishes, M.
Good morning, Tanya.

Your work is absolutely beautiful! Absolutely stunning.
Took my breath away.

Hugs, L.
I always love seeing my jewelry in your photo gallery -
makes me feel special! I get many compliments on my
earrings - I wear them a lot!

See you soon,
Hi Tanya:

My girlfriend loved the necklace.... she was sooo
excited when I gave it to her... she was showing all the
people in the restaurant where we had lunch!!! She
has called me several times since telling me how
much she loves it so it was a good choice!!!

Dear Tanya,

It was such a pleasure to meet you. I enjoyed you and
the pride you put into your Art. Thank you for working
with me on that beautiful ring. I know my daughter will
really enjoy it!

Hi Tanya,
My only question to you is: how do you get better and
better at what you do?

I can't tell you how much I enjoy several pieces I or my
husband have purchased from you. The piece you
made from a river sandstone gets more compliments
than you can imagine.

What I want to say is: keep up the creative part of
your brain so we can continue to enjoy your talents
through jewelry.
Best,  N.